Bentley Map

Bentley Map 8.11

Build and operate realistic 3D geospatial maps with accurate, smart models
8.11.7 (See all)
Bentley Systems, Incorporated
Map out the geospatial, architectural, and engineering information obtained via survey data, point clouds, reality meshing, and digital imagery on 3D GIS models. Build and analyze intelligent complex geospatial objects with advanced 2D and 3D techniques, such as shadow and solar analysis, and carry out dimensioning, annotation, raster display, printing, publishing, and much more.

Bentley Map is a fully featured GIS that is 3D by nature. It is designed to address the unique and challenging needs of organizations that map, plan, design, build, and operate the world's infrastructure. It supports the creation, persistence, maintenance, analysis, and sharing of 2D/3D geospatial information. It is also ideal for developing custom GIS applications.

With Bentley Map, you can:
Leverage native Oracle Spatial or SQL Server Spatial to store and edit all types of spatial data
Utilize smart 3D Object Editing Tools
Analyze 2D and 3D spatial data
Access and share disparate data stored in non-Bentley formats
Define and administer feature models and rules-based symbology and annotation
Generate powerful 3D scenes and animations
Manage the entire cadastral fabric
Publish high-quality maps for map books or large-scale plots

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